HGH Day 60 kaps augšanas hormona stimulātors


HGH Day 60 kaps augšanas hormona stimulātors

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HGH DAY is a supplement whose task is to naturally and safely stimulate the physiological processes of growth hormone production. This relationship is the main determinant of progress in training periods, and also determines most of the effects resulting from the use of a balanced diet and properly adjusted physical activity.

HGH Day is a three-component formula that in a subdued way contributes to the gradual increase in the level of the described hormone. The manufacturer used a combination of zinc, arginine, ornithine and maca extract in its preparation, and the doses were selected so that the exercisers get the maximum benefit from the use of each portion of HGH Day.The supplement will ensure trouble-free regeneration after intense psychophysical effort, protect muscles against harmful catabolism and improve the quality of everyday functioning. HGH Day provides maximum effects in combination with the HGH Night formula.


  • On training days: 3 capsules
  • On non-training days: 2 capsules, at selected times during the day.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

A varied and balanced diet is essential for staying healthy.

May contain derivatives of: cereals containing gluten, soy, milk. Store at room temperature, in a dry place, in a closed container, out of the reach of small children.